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Central Kalahari and Khutse Game Reserve

Covering 58 000 square Km, this is one of the worlds largest game reserves. You need to be completely self sufficient in a kitted out 4x4 this is not a great choice for a first time visitor to Botswana. The game is sparse and can seem limited, there are no elephants or buffalo. The distances are huge, unfenced, underdeveloped.

It is advisable to travel in a convoy and have bush experience. Due to the limited number of campsites, the Kalahari has remained wild.

Large black maned lions dominate the areas.

Rainy season is from January to April. The roads become wet, slippery and muddy. Make sure you have the necessary recovery equipment to dig yourself out. This is also an amazing time to go.

You will need to pay park entry fees to the Department of Wildlife and National Park (DWNP). You can pay this in the major towns or pay at the gate in cash with Pula. There are no card facilities at the gate.



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