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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park covers an area of 35 550 square km and is characterised by the red dunes and dry rivers.

November to April is the rainy season as well as the calving season. This is also peak Summer. The temperatures can get up to 50 degrees Celsius. Afternoon thunderstorms are common.

A 4x4 with high ground clearance and low range capabilities is preferable.

Tourists wanting to exit the park other than the point of entry must kindly note that all immigration controls must be done at Twee Rivieren / Two Rivers and a minimum of two nights stay in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is required (the two nights must either be on the RSA side or the Botswana side or both) to be allowed to pass through the Mata Mata border post to and from Namibia or when entering or exiting the Park to or from Botswana.

Guests travelling to Twee Rivieren via Upington (Askham) must note that the tarring of the road has been completed.

The road via Van Zylsrus must not be driven at a high speed as the gravel section on this route is badly corrugated.

Visitors must allow for the following travelling time from Twee Rivieren entrance gate, to the other camps:
Nossob - 4½ hours
Grootkolk - 7½ hours
Gharagab - Not possible in one day
Bitterpan - 6½ hours
Kieliekrankie -1½ hours
Urikaruus - 2½ hours
Kalahari Tent Camp - 3½ hours
Mata Mata - 3½ hours

The wildlife is amazing and that goes hand in hand with the incredible photographic opportunities.

There is no cell phone reception in the park.

It is advisable to carry your own drinking water.

There is fuel at the main rest camps, but once you venture out into the wilderness, you need to carry extra fuel with you.

Carry your own firewood and charcoal.


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