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Khwai Private Reserve

Situated in the north eastern part of the Okavango Delta, this rich wildlife area is run by the Khwai Development Trust. The Khwai River runs through the concession and that’s what makes it such a fantastic spot to be in. Elephants in their hundreds come splashing in the water during the heat of the day. Lions are heard at night while the hyenas laugh through the night. Hippos wallow in the water while the crocodiles lie on the banks of the river. Wild Dogs are very common in this area too. As this river flows all year round, it doesn’t matter what time of the year you travel, the wildlife is everywhere.
The migratory birds arrive from November to April, this is also during the rainy season. From May to October it is a lot drier and the bird activity decreases.
Getting to the Khwai area is just a few hours drive from Maun. There is accommodation to suit everyone’s needs.

From May until early October, the Okavango Delta is in flood and this is the best time of year to get your water-based game viewing fix. The seasonal channels emerge and the waterways are glistening and full – the perfect conditions for a mokoro safari or a boat trip. This is also traditionally the ‘best’ time of year to visit: the skies and blue and full of sunshine, and the iconic wildlife is out in force.

In December, the sky begins to darken and the clouds become heavy with rain. The showers are, however, short and sporadic and certainly shouldn’t stop you from heading out on game drives or walks. Game wise, the animals may be slightly more spread out but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Located just outside the north-eastern boundaries of Moremi Game Reserve, Khwai is a small rural village hosting some 400 inhabitants, the majority of which are Babukahwe, more generally referred to as “river bushmen”.

The Khwai villagers founded in 2000 the Khwai Development Trust, empowering the community with the management of the surrounding natural wonders and resources and allowing the community to benefit from and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the development of sustainable tourism.

Khwai Development Trust runs the commonly called “Khwai Concession” with boasts an outstanding diversity of fauna and flora, being a pristine wilderness region bordering the unfenced Moremi Game Reserve.

Natural border between the government-ruled game reserve and the community-run concession, the Khwai river offers a constant water supply that plays a major part in the high concentration of game and the unparalleled wildlife encounters the Khwai area has become famous for.



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