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Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is a world heritage site and expands 16000 square KM. The rains start in Angola and 6 months later, the Okavango Delta has flooded. This is the only waterway that flows inland rather than to the sea. The narrow channels are littered with waterlilies and papyrus reeds giving life to many frogs and birdlife.
This is an all year round destination, but certain times of the year bring different sightings. May to October is when the Delta floods, this is a great time to go as the animal life gathers at the waters edge and the game viewing is great. December to February is the wet season, the animals tend to scatter further afield. If you are interested in the bird life then it is better to go during the months November to April.
Activities in the delta range from Mokoro excursions, walks, fishing, photography, bird watching, game drives
The Okavango Delta is a place not to be left off your itinerary.



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